Re-plan your travels

New Delhi, April 3 (IANSlife)
Are you gearing up to getaway for a vacation ? As many people are planning for spring break travel and summer vacations, just see how does COVID-19 fit into your plans? Must skip the following countries from your travel list as their travelling protocols changed amid surge in the cases again.


Israel is one of the countries reporting an increase in COVID cases. According to reports, more than 14,000 new cases are reported on a daily basis, which is one of the reasons why the country has decided to postpone relaxing travel rules.


Despite the fact that Greece has opened its borders to travel, all arrivals must produce a negative RT-PCR test report that is no more than 72 hours old or an antigen test report was taken within 48 hours of arrival. According to reports, the country reports more than 20000 new infections per day on average.


Vaccinated travellers are no longer required to be tested before departure, and their proof of full vaccination expedites their entry into France, regardless of their country of origin. Those who have not been immunised, however, must still provide negative test results in order to enter the country. France is also experiencing an increase in hospitalisations, with more than 20,000 cases reported per day on average.

United Kingdom

Following a positive COVID test, the UK relaxed all COVID-related restrictions and waived the requirement for self-isolation. The country now reports an average of 70,000 new infections per day, according to reports.


Throughout all COVID waves, Italy has been one of the world’s most severely affected countries. According to the most recent news reports, daily COVID cases in the country are on the rise again, with an average of around 70,000 cases per day. Indoors, one must maintain social distance and wear a mask.

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