Rawalpindi university torturing stray animals to teach students

Islamabad, June 8 (IANS) A few days ago, tweets and videos began circulating on social media about the barbaric practice of animal torture and experimentation currently underway at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah (PMAS) Arid Agriculture University in Rawalpindi, media reports said.
It is being reported that scores of healthy stray dogs were picked up from the streets of Rawalpindi to be experimented on by students at the university’s Veterinary & Animal Sciences department, Geo News reported.
Anila Umair from Critters Ark Welfare Organisation, an animal welfare body in Islamabad, revealed that she found out about the unethical practice taking place at the institution earlier this month.
“Since I’ve been rescuing animals for almost two decades, I’m in constant touch with animal activists in the city. On June 1, I was informed by an animal activist that a stray dog she used to feed was picked up by two men on a motorbike,” she said.
Through CCTV footage it was soon discovered that the men were from Arid University. Acting swiftly, Umair contacted a friend studying at the university and asked him to visit the university’s Veterinary & Animal Sciences laboratory, Geo News reported.
“I’d sent him a photo of the stolen dog and when he went to the lab he saw the same dog had been operated upon and was in a terrible state. He told us to come to the campus immediately,” the animal activist told Geo.tv.
“When we arrived, we noticed the dogs were tied up from their legs, some had their mouths sealed, It was a shocking and gut-wrenching sight,” she said.
When the students and staff members were questioned about the practice, Umair revealed that they appeared visibly worried after being caught red-handed.
Leaving the lab after assurances that the staff would work closely with Umair and her peers, the animal activist stated that when they went back the next morning – to figure out the way forward regarding the release and protection of the dogs they were barred from entering the campus.
In fact, when the Dean of the department, Arfan Yousaf, was contacted by Umair on the issue, she was reprimanded, Geo News reported.
Ever since the horrific videos featuring dogs writhing and whimpering in pain went viral on social media, a number of animal activists and animal rescuers, including celebrities like Mishi Khan, have taken to social media to alert the authorities and to put pressure on the university to put an end to the ghastly veterinary training’.
In fact, Umair, along with other animal activists in the city, even staged a protest at the Islamabad Press Club on June 7. But even though one week has passed since the news began going viral online, Arid University is yet to release an official statement, Geo News reported.

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