Rakesh Roshan on Raees-Kaabil clash: I am straightaway losing 150 crores!

Mumbai: The ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’ clash is said to be one of the biggest box-office clashes of all time. The makers of both the films are at loggerheads since the release date of ‘Raees’ and ‘Kaabil’ was announced. Post the makers of Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Raees’ announced that they will be releasing the film on 25th January, which was the same date Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’ was to release, Rakesh Roshan slammed the makers of ‘Raees’ for playing dirty games.

However, Shah Rukh maintained that they took this decision before the makers of ‘Kaabil’ announced the date. Both the films have finally hit theatres today, and right when we thought that the verdict would finally be box-office numbers, Rakesh Roshan released yet another statement that suggests foul play by the makers of ‘Raees’. To his shock, this morning he woke up to find out that the exhibitors had given them 60-40 screens (60 for Raees and 40 for Kaabil) against the 50-50 screens promised. Speaking about the same to DNA, Rakesh Roshan said, “I won’t comment upon any other film as that’s not my territory. I will only talk about my film Kaabil. We are shocked, disappointed and terribly hurt! I had not expected this. I spoke to all my concerned exhibitors last week, showed them one hour of the film and requested them that we should go 50-50 screens and they agreed. All over the world from Dubai, UK, Australia and New Zealand, they have given us 50-50 screens except in our industry. That’s very hurtful to me and I feel betrayed because after talking to them they did this. With these clashes, we have to avoid unfair play. Every producer feels my film is the best where he is concerned and where two films are coming if we avoid this and make both films 50-50 screens then it’s better for the film industry.”

He further added, “This way I am straightaway losing 150 crores! Everybody from the producer, distributor, exhibitor and audience lose as they don’t have so much money to spend on two films. It’s not a lose-lose situation for all. Going by today’s 60-40 screen distribution, my collections will be lower tomorrow but God is with me. Adding on to what Rakesh Roshan had to say, director Sanjay Gupta too spoke about this displeasure regarding the same. He said, “It’s extremely unfair and I am highly disappointed. If anybody wants to compete do it with good content, not through unfair means. This is not the spirit we would like to live in. I woke up to sheer joy and happiness today when I read the ‘Kaabil’ reviews in the media but when I turned the page it was a nightmare! I was shocked at the number of shows we were assured (50-50 screens) but that’s not the case!”

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