Rajnikanth is not to be messed with in showcase of ‘Jailer’

Superstar Rajnikanth is back in a new avatar, bringing in massive swag while packing in a dangerous new vibe. — IANS

Chennai, August 2 (IANS) Superstar Rajnikanth is back in a new avatar, bringing in massive swag while packing in a dangerous new vibe which one would surely not want to miss. If ‘Kabaali’ was where the Tamil superstar displayed his criminal killer side, in ‘Jailer’ he is the mighty policeman and killer in the trailer for his upcoming black comedy.

The ‘Showcase’ is vague on details, but it quickly establishes that Rajni who is playing the role of policeman ‘Tiger’ Muthuval Pandian is someone not to be messed around with. Now his son has gone missing, and the veteran officer who packs in lethal killer instincts will stop at nothing to find his son and kill anyone who dares harm his family.

Donning some of the most contrasting attire, at one point Rajni is wearing a very simple shirt and dhoti which makes him a very unassuming personality, hiding the man beneath and his true nature.

Then suddenly we see him wearing black leather jacket, awesome glasses and wielding guns, shooting his way through with explosions charring the landscape, bullets flying and blood getting spilt.

But this is hardly where things end, because now Rajni is also hacking his way through quite literally, wielding a machete and cleaving his way apart through his enemies with sheer force and intelligence.

Veteran actress Ramya Krishnan who plays his wife seems a bit worried about what’s going on, though Rajni calms her down and seems amused at her concerns, only saying that now he has taken things too far and nothing will stop him or his enemies.

Then we also have Jackie Shroff in a new avatar where he is explaining just how ‘Tiger’ or Rajnikanth really is to those who are aiming to fight him. The viewers will also see veteran Malayalam actor Mohanlal in the trailer, as well as other great stars such as Yogi Babu and Shiva Rajukumar.

Packing in great visuals, thrills, action and of course Rajnikanth’s amazing attitude, nothing is going to get in his way.

Directed by Nelson and produced by Kalanithi Muran in association with Sun Pictures, ‘Jailer’ will hit theatres on August 10, 2023.

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