Rajasthan farmers sit neck-deep in pits to protest against land acquisition

Jaipur: The farmers at Ninder village near Jaipur, who have half-buried themselves as a mark of protest, on October 4 said that the government is showing the negligent behavior and no help is provided to them till now.
“The government has not provided any help to us yet. Farmers’ health is suffering. No one is listening to our plight. The government is showing the negligent behavior,” a farmer said.
Many farmers participated in the protest, which reached its 17th day.
In order to get their plight heard, farmers went on a unique strike against the acquisition of their lands by the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) for housing projects.
The farmers performing ‘Samadhi Satyagraha’ said, “If the government takes our land, they will take away our lives.”
The JDA in 2011 had allegedly acquired 1300 acres of land and since then the farmers have been protesting against it in various ways.

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