Rajasthan Budget: Taxes worth Rs. 500 crore imposed


Jaipur: The government of Rajasthan on March 9 imposed a few taxes aimed at earning approximately     Rs. 500 crore in 2011-12, with raising lands’ DLC rates by 15 percent and increasing urban cess of 5 paise per unit on consumers in municipal areas consuming more than 100 units a month.

State Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ashok Gehlot presented his third annual Budget in the state assembly on March 9 and proposed an annual plan size of Rs. 28,461 crore, with a fiscal deficit Budget of Rs. 8,063 crore for the year 2011-12.

He made an estimated surplus budget of Rs. 99.15 crore in the next fiscal with total revenue receipt of Rs. 52,287 crore.

He increased 40 percent tax on tobacco products and said it was necessary to discourage the use of tobacco products, considering its effects on its consumers’ health.

The Chief Minister also proposed to impose “Green Tax” on all old and new vehicles and revenue collection will be used for pollution control.

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