Rajasthan: 2 arrested for spying for Pakistan

Jaipur, June 8 (IANS) Two youths from Bikaner and Jhunjhunu have been arrested on charges of spying for Pakistan while working for its intelligence agency ISI, in a joint operation launched by Uttar Pradesh Anti Terrorist Squad and the Rajasthan Police, said Umesh Mishra, Additional Director General of Rajasthan Police Intelligence on Monday.
The arrested accused were identified as Vikas Tilotiya and Chimanlal. The duo were honey trapped on Facebook.
While Vikas is a resident of Jhunjhunu and his father is retired from the Army, Chimanlal used to supply water for the Army’s Mahajan Firing Range.
Vikas used to send important information related to the Indian Army to his Pakistani handlers in Bikaner, said officials.
Investigations have revealed that he so far he has passed the Army’s order of battle, composition, order of military fighting formation, ammunition photos and highly confidential information to Pakistan.
Vikas used to collect pictures of the firing range from Chimanlal who used to click pictures while supplying water. He further used to get the money transferred into Vikas’ brother Hemant’s account from Pakistan so that no one could suspect them.
Police have also detained Hemant for interrogation.
Mishra further said that the primary specific information of the activities of the said suspects was given to the State Special Branch, Rajasthan by Military Intelligence Lucknow and later the two agencies worked jointly for further investigation.

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