Rahul to Modi: Exam Warriors 2?

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi said on Friday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi could write another book now, on battling exam leak stress.
“PM wrote Exam Warriors, a book to teach students stress relief during exams. Next up: Exam Warriors 2, a book to teach students & parents stress relief, once their lives are destroyed due to leaked exam papers,” the Congress president tweeted, as his party intensified its attack on the government over the leaked CBSE papers.
The Prime Minister, who has not only written a book on handling exam stress but also held a Pareeksha Par Charcha session at Delhi’s Talkatora Stadium last month to dole out advice to Class X and Class XII board examinees, has been silent on the leak in the Class X math paper and the Class XII economics paper.
The Congress has alleged that the leak, which has hit 20 lakh students countrywide, was the fallout of examination mafia being protected in the Vyapam scandal involving corruption in exams for admission to professional courses and government recruitment in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh.
Party spokesperson and former human resource development minister Kapil Sibal said the examination mafia had completely taken over the education system under the patronage of the Modi government. Sibal recalled the BJP leadership’s defense of its Madhya Pradesh government in the Vyapam scam, arguing that the inaction despite the tragic occurrences emboldened the examination mafia.
“Who were the people taking money from candidates and ensuring selection in Vyapam? The Prime Minister remained silent then, he is silent now,” Sibal said.
Asking how such an eloquent Prime Minister can ignore the turmoil that 20 lakh students and their families are facing, the Congress leader said: “A government which can’t guarantee the security of question papers, how can they ensure security of the nation? The government, which is sheltering the exam mafia, should explain under whose pressure it changed the pattern for setting examination papers. It should explain at whose bidding was the traditional and secure system of setting examinations made insecure.”
The reference was to allegations that the government had scrapped the earlier system of preparing different sets of papers for different regions, which would have limited the impact of the leak.
“They have turned education into a business. In Uttarakhand, the BJP government has increased the fees for the medical college, from Rs 13 lakh to Rs 24 lakh…. How will the common man ensure the study of their children without state support?”

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