Rahul Mishra Grand Finale at FDCI Hyundai India Couture Week

Rahul Mishra Grand Finale at FDCI Hyundai India Couture Week. — IANS

New Delhi, Aug 3 (IANSlife) The first Indian designer to present at Paris Haute Couture Week, Rahul Mishra proves his merit with a grand showcase at the ongoing FDCI Hyundai India Couture Week in association with Reliance Brands.

‘We, The People’ marries reality and imagination into its fabric, and strives to draw the enablers of couture, the artisans, to the face of its narrative, and had them seated front and centre at the showing. It envisions them as the juncture where artistic expression meets age-old craft and technical prowess that allows them the godlike ability to turn imagination into reality.

Known for his surface textures this collection is an articulation of the fashion worker’s trance interlaced with their immediate reality. “A work of wonderment that assumes if an embroiderer would really envision the adda (embroidery frame) turning into a lotus pond and if there is an instance when they feel themselves in the Sundarbans amid its virgin forest, caressing a majestic tiger,” states the designer. 

Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor walked the runway as showstopper for the designer. 

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