Rahul Gandhi instigating Muslims on CAA: Bidhuri

New Delhi, March 5 (IANS) BJP MP from Delhi Ramesh Bidhuri, on Thursday, accused former Congress President Rahul Gandhi of instigating Muslim community against Citizenship (Amendment) Act.
Referring to Gandhi’s Wednesday statement that there is an attack on “country’s soul”, Bidhuri asked if it is wrong to give citizenship rights to Hindus, Buddhists and Christians in the country.
“What do you mean by drawing line? If Rahul Gandhi thinks that India’s soul has been hurt, he should explain it. Is it an attack on India’s soul by giving Indian citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists?,” Bidhuri said.
“So, they are doing divide and rule politics. Rahul Gandhi is instigating Muslim community by making such statements,” he added.
Bidhuri further said that Pakistan was created for Muslims. “Why they should be provided citizenship in India? They (Muslims) will be given citizenship as per the rules if they want. Did he want that infiltrators should be given citizenship if they come here and take refuge?.”
“Who is doing politics? Rahul Gandhi is doing politics.”
South Delhi MP’s comments came a day after Rahul Gandhi made a statement that India is being “divided and burnt” indicating BJP’s role in the Delhi violence which has left over 46 people dead and about 200 injured.
After his visit to riot-hit Brijpuri area in northeast Delhi along with a delegation of senior Congress leaders on Wednesday, Gandhi had said that the “values which are India’s strengths – brotherhood, unity and love have been burnt in Delhi violence and it has caused a dent in India’s global image”.
Gandhi had also accused the BJP of doing politics on the CAA which led to the Delhi violence that erupted on February 23 evening and it had also triggered widespread violent demonstrations across India since December 9, 2019 when the bill related to the contentious act was passed in the Lok Sabha during winter session.

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