Putin about to rope in his Belarusian ally in Ukraine war

New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) As Russia fails to inflict quick defeat upon Ukraine after four days of fierce hostilities, President Vladimir Putin is about to pull his Belarusian ally, dictator Aleksandr Lukashenko, into his war of occupation, The Kyiv Independent reported.
Amid many speculations, multiple sources said the decision has been made, and as soon as on Monday, the first Ilyushin Il-76 transport aircraft is very likely to take off carrying Belarusian paratroopers to be deployed against Ukraine.
Rumours regarding the official Belarusian involvement in the war started circulating on Sunday, the fourth day of Russia’s all-out war on Ukraine, following a report presented to diplomatic circles by unnamed Belarusian opposition journalists, the report said.
The message suggested that Belarusian troops might be deployed in Kyiv or the Zhytomyr areas in assistance to the Russian invading force.
The report couldn’t be verified, but there have been other indications of Belarusian military activity. A media campaign was launched, particularly by Belarusian opposition media, to warn off the Belarusian involvement.
As part of the endeavour, former high-ranking Belarusian airborne commander Valeriy Sakhashik, in a video address, urged all Belarusian paratroopers not to obey unlawful orders that would throw them into a war against a friendly nation, The Kyiv Independent reported.
Several thousand Belarusian citizens rallied against the war across the country on Sunday.
Besides, as Ukraine’s presidential advisor, Oleksiy Arestovych, said on Sunday, numerous indications suggested that the Belarusian military was being put on alert.
It is known from Belarusian media that the country’s armed forces include nearly 45,000 military personnel and 20,000 civilian employees.
In Arestovych’s opinion, just 17,000 Belarusian military personnel are of considerable combat efficacy, so their involvement would likely not be that significant for Russia, which amassed at least 150,000 troops for the invasion of Ukraine.
On Sunday, Lukashenko said that Belarusians started facing violence in Ukraine and that Kyiv is threatening Belarus with terror activities. It echoed the pretext that Putin gave for launching the invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.
However, according to former Ukrainian Defence Minister Andriy Zagorodnyuk, in reality, the Belarusian dictator, whose existence highly depends on Putin, has no choice other than to join, The Kyiv Independent reported.
From the expert’s perspective, Belarus’ involvement would be an escalating factor, though it would not have a dramatic escalation effect in the war. In particular, Lukashenko might invade Ukraine’s northwestern regions on which Russia is not currently focused.

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