YouTube refuses to block video that claims Trump won election

YouTube refuses to block video that claims Trump won election


San Francisco, Nov 5 (IANS) Google-owned YouTube has refused to block a video that claims US President Donald Trump has won the election, saying the video does not violate its election misinformation policies. The video, titled "Trump Won. MSM hopes you don't believe your eyes," was published by pro-Trump group called One American News Network (OANN) on Wednesday. YouTube said the video violates its advertising guidelines but not its content policies, reports CNBC. Seen by over 3 lakh people, the video continues to make unsubstantiated claims of "rampant voter fraud" against Republican ballots while urging viewers to "take action" against Democrats. YouTube, however, said it has discontinued ads on the video. "We do not allow ads to run on content that undermines confidence in elections with demonstrably false information," the company was quoted as saying. "The election has not been called. Therefore, this is in scope of our demonstrably false policy and will be demonetized on YouTube". In the video, an OANN anchor said Trump won another term, claiming that Trump would win a number of swing states if it weren't for voter fraud. A panel appeared below the OANN video stating that election results "may not be final".

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