Youth Congress takes out candle march to pay tribute to Morbi victims

Youth Congress takes out candle march to pay tribute to Morbi victims

New Delhi: Members of Indian Youth Congress organize a candle march to pay tribute to the people who died in the tragic accident of Morbi Cable Bridge, in New Delhi on Monday, October 31, 2022. (Photo: IANS/Wasim Sarvar)

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) The Youth Congress on Monday paid tribute to the victims of the bridge collapse in Gujarat's Morbi town by organising a candle march from its office to the Jantar Mantar, where its workers paid homage to the dead. On this occasion, Indian Youth Congress President Srinivas B.V. said that this accident is very sad and painful, and should not be politicised but more than 140 people died, "who is responsible for it? This is the most serious and important question today". He also said that this is the reality of Gujarat model, which BJP is praising day and night, but the people of the state will not forgive the BJP government and the local administration for this negligence. Srinivas said that this accident has raised some questions - first, who is responsible for these deaths? second, why has no one been held accountable yet? And the third, with the local administration saying - 'The bridge was opened without permission', is it possible? "The BJP government will have to answer these questions." He alleged that the municipal officer said that he does not know when the bridge opened and the ticket for going to the bridge continued to be collected. "12,000 people also went to the bridge and the administration didn't even notice? This is the reality of the Gujarat model, which has become just a corrupt and hollow model." He demanded that strict and strict action should be taken against those responsible for the Morbi accident so that the public can get justice.

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