Woman weaved clothes out of hair

Woman weaved clothes out of hair


A 71 year old Romanian woman has just completed creating an entire wardrobe out of her own hair.

Loana Cioanca of Bistrita Nasaud, started to collect her fallen hair since she was 17 when her grandmother told her that it was a sin to throw it out.

She weaved her 40 inches of hair into a hat, shawl, blouse, skirt, coat, handbag and a pair of gloves.

“Long years I had to wait for my hair to grow so as to make clothes from it, but I managed and I am very pleased now,” she said.

Some of her clothes are lighter in color because they were made in the last 10 years after her hair began to turn gray.

“I did this because I wanted to show how practical human hair is. The clothes are warm and comfortable and the materials are free,” she added.

She just completed making a raincoat for the winter season.  She says she intends to wear it over the brown blouse and skirt crocheted from the same material when she goes to church on Sunday.

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