When 'Rustom' writer met Charles Sobhraj

When 'Rustom' writer met Charles Sobhraj

Poster of film "Tony".

Mumbai, Oct 24 (IANS) "Rustom" fame writer Vipul K. Rawal has turns director with the upcoming thriller "Tony". While researching for the film, he met the convicted serial killer Charles Sobhraj. "I used my connections in Nepal and got to meet Sobhraj, to understand the psychology of serial killers. That research helped me immensely in shaping the character of Tony," said Rawal. Linked to multiple killing of backpack tourists, Sobhraj was sentenced by the Supreme Court of Nepal to a life term for murdering American Connie Joe Bronzich in 1975. Popularly known as the Bikini killer, Sobhraj is currently serving a life sentence in the Himalayan nation since 2003 "Tony" is about four psychology students who plant a camera in a church's confession box and come across with the serial killer named Tony confessing a murder to the priest. Life takes a bizarre turn when they meet Tony and go on a murdering spree with him. "Since this is my first film as a director and I didn't want any outside influences in my film, I decided to self-finance it and produce the film using my own resources. That is the reason why my film does not have a single song, a so-called heroine, or the slightest skin show," he added. "Tony" is scheduled to release on November 15.

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