What's the flavor of this season?

What's the flavor of this season?


Fashion and comfort are two essentials in designing dresses. But comfort dose not mean dressing carelessly. Fashion demands a conscious effort to dress up gracefully. Therefore, dress designers lay, great emphasis on both these elements.

By Supriya Himanshu

Comfort does not mean dressing carelessly. Fashion demands a conscious effort to dress up gracefully. Designer Hemant Sagar, known for his cutting-edge styles and finesse, confirms, "Fashion cannot be casual. It depends on the individual's approach; you might wear couture and still look sloppy. Why not go for styles that are luxurious in look and elegant in appeal. Select fabrics that are organic and environment-friendly. You can be high on fashion without being lavish."

Changing seasons remind us of styles that are passé and to check out modern and fresh fashion trends. This coming season, luxury has taken a back seat; experiment with edgy cuts and silhouettes that are the flavor of the day. Check out these reinvented trends to make you look beautiful.

Back with a bang
You might think it's like old wine in a new bottle. Of course not! The styles of 1980s are back, with certain silhouettes reinvented. As designer Manish Gupta says, "I think the year is more about reinvented fashion than creativity in terms of silhouettes and colors. High end fashion for the present season gets a perfect amalgam of Indo-Western fusion when it comes to the silhouettes, and unconventional in textures and styling details."

He further adds, "I think the past year of recession has really changed people's mindset. They are looking for luxurious and high end fashion at pocket friendly prices. This season requires accuracy of the apparel selection, neat dressing and restrained selection of weaves and colors."
Silhouettes that are back with a bang for summer are bold shoulders, flares, short dress, all must-haves this season. And, in terms of cuts, fluid drapes, straight panel skirts, tunics and slim fits are the in flavor.

Sometimes passion for fashion can take a toll on comfort, but this spring you can rest easy. "Since fashion has become accessible, people opt for styles that they are comfortable in. Now trendsetters are flares, leggings, short dresses, tees so one can go ahead with anything. A lot of designers are inspired by street wear, which is easy on the pocket and elegant as well," confirms designer Nitin Bal Chouhan whose summer collection is all about edgy cuts, graphic designs and simple silhouettes.

Whatever may be the season, fashion demands a conscious effort to dress up gracefully.

Therefore, dress designers lay a great emphasis on both — fashion as well as comfort.

The year is still new but heavy dressing is already like wearing an old hat. It's time to go in for trends that are cheerful, light and elegant. Designer Raghavendra Rathore, a style icon himself, says, "Simplicity is the keyword for fashion but I won't say that opulence is totally out. Be subtle by opting a stylized look, like wearing a loose shirt with a smart lower. Maintain comfort, fit and confidence, whatever the season. Ethnic styles are the flavor of the day. They are appealing and have a somber feel. Try not to go for Oriental. Another recent trend is wearing different clothes for different segments of the day, rather than a single dress throughout."

Fashion is always a luxury whether subtle in appeal or bold in expression. What is important is to discover a style that is edgy, elegant and enduring. Seasons shall keep moving but your personality shall remain fashionable, forever.

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