Vastu Tips for Pet Store

Vastu Tips for Pet Store

Vastu Shastra

By Kalpesh Joshi It is very popular to have pets such as cats, dogs, fish or birds. You can end up growing with them and becoming best friends. Pets can make you secure, loved, and less lonely. It is not new to have animal companions who you feel emotions for. At a certain point, the pet becomes part of the family. Pets can keep your family safe as well. Due to all of those great reasons, pets are in high demand. Big chain stores and small private stores both sell animals, their food and their grooming accessories. Having pet store or buying one is a good idea, but you have to make sure that it is Vastu compliant. There are some challenges in finding the right location and place for a store. In such a case, Vastu advise can be helpful. According to Vastu Norms, the North-West direction is considered as the ideal direction for a pet shop. Each animal at the store must be healthy and active. If you have an existing store, rearranging the furniture and cages according to Vastu principles can boost your sales. Sometimes, small changes also make a big difference in terms of growth, prosperity or fame. But as a business owner, you need all of them to be a successful business personality. Keep a small storefront area with North-facing glass windows that display the product. Also, appropriate signage along with lighting will help attract clients. The most important feature of pet stores is the cleanliness and smell. These are two major factors from a professional aspect as well as spiritual aspect that contributes to Vastu Shastra. In accordance with Vastu to generate positive energy, you have to have a clean environment. Regarding the pet food, place them it in the East or South East direction. Bulk food can be kept in the South. According to availability of space, generally the back of the store is ideal. Pet cages should be on the East side, as that will help the customer decide which is the best pet for their home. Also, in the East direction, the pet stays active and alert. Now, we can segregate the type of pet cages from East to West, with small pets on the East side and the larger pets on the West. This way, there will be balanced energy flow. Fish and other pets that are meant to be kept in water can be in the North. The pet training area can be towards the West side so they can learn faster and be easier to train. Training is very important for each pet, as that helps the pet bond and create along-lasting relationship with their owner. A pet grooming area is good to have in the back of the store as it keeps the front area clean and light. Also, it is equally important to have a pet area at home, as once we own it we are responsible to keep the pet comfortable. According to Vastu Shastra, the North-West is the ideal direction for a pet at home, so we can set their bed or cage in this corner. As you know, small tips will help you to have happiness at home. Ask the Expert Ask our expert your unanswered questions related to Vastu Shastra. Q: My kids don’t eat on the dining table, and they always go to different areas of the home to eat, any suggestions from the Vastu aspect? Shalini, Georgetown ON A: Eating a meal is a very spiritual process and it is important to understand and do it the right way to gain satisfaction. Food is not just about the eating process, it is also about satisfaction and being healthy. This behavior contributes to our kids not eating healthy or in a timely manner. So, making the dining area attractive and disciplining them to make them eat on the dining table will help them be healthier. Q: What is a good direction to have an in house office? Anjali, New York NY A: As everyone is working from home because of the current situation, this depends upon the nature of work, but generally the East is the ideal direction to set up office. Also, make sure you create an office environment in that room to have the office feel. Vastu is all about energy flow, so the right direction will help you to generate positivity. Note: Please send general Vastu related questions. Send your queries through email to and we will try to get it published as it received. Kalpesh Joshi : 1 888 41 VASTU (82788):

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