Vastu Shastra for School

Vastu Shastra for School

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture, and how we can build “Vidhya Mandir” or “Vidhyalaya” is very important. School is the place where everyone gets educated and learns how to complete their dreams. To have that dream come true, Vastu Shastra helps in structuring the school building. Education is a part of everyone’s life, as any child, adult or elder can pursue it. Some basic principles of  Vastu Shastra can make our life very colourful. For example, Studying facing the right direction may help in concentration. When building a new school structure, one should keep in mind that the East is the most appropriate direction to study. For that reason, try to get a rectangular piece of land or plot facing East. In most cases, location of plot also matters, so the appropriate location is crucial. Education is not only important, it is necessary for growing. It has been said in Sanskrit “Vidya Vinayen Shobhate” which means not only education but along with education one should also be courteous. That is one of the reasons in any culture or race education is imperative. Education provides happiness and can help to shape your life. The right place and the right time decides our future and growth. Once the plot is selected, have open space in the front and the North for the playground. Sports activities can be done in the West or South side of school building. It is important to have greenery and some tree planted in the South or West. Have a water reservoir (ex. pond, fountain) in the North-East corner. If the school building is already constructed then try to rearrange furniture that can help to make the classroom Vastu compliant. It is important to have large windows; this helps energy flow. School is considered a place of worship as each kid should learn spirituality. The Learning process is the process of enhancing knowledge and we know that knowledge is power. In a classroom, it is important to consider the direction of learning utensils such as the blackboard or computer. The method of studying has just as much importance as the direction each student is facing. There are several favourable directions to study which includes East. The direction you face while learning helps you easily understand what the teacher is trying to teach you. Along with your dedication towards education, you need some natural energy and force that helps you make this process easier. Vastu Shastra helps you and gives you confidence that you can learn and implement in life. Vastu Shastra can help the education system make it easier for students to learn. Painting walls with a specific colour combination as per Vastu norms will help the brain development of children. As we know, children’s brains are very active and it is constantly growing. If you keep small things in mind such as placing sculptures or wall painting in specific areas, that can have a major impact. The Library is also considered as the heart of the school. the placement of book racks, chairs, tables and computer rooms matter. All of them should be in appropriate direction which help to preserve knowledge. We have to create a natural and spiritual environment where students feel confident and powerful. That is one of the reasons to have the principal’s office and teacher’s room in the right direction. The Principal should be sitting in the West side facing East. The science lab and other computer labs should be in the South-East area. This will help the students be more energized.  Prioritizing Vastu Shastra in life will make life more amazing and easier to experience the beautiful world. Some knowledge from the ancient science of architecture will help you to be successful in life. Kalpesh Joshi. Principal Vastu Consultant Vastu Vision Inc. 1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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