Vastu Shastra for Library & Study Room

Vastu Shastra for Library & Study Room


Most parents are always worried about their children’s education and it is always a topic of discussion when they sit with their young kids. We try our best to give our child one of the best places to study or get all necessary items which can help them in academic success. As parents, we do everything we can to get best results in academics from our children. Nevertheless, sometimes we are not successful.After trying everything, there is still a chance our kids do not perform well or may not be up to our mark. In some cases, there is social pressure when someone else’s child is doing exponentially better than ours. Sometimes our kids are doing good but we still expect better results. In these situations, there is Vastu Shastra which can play a significant roll and can be a win-win situation for you and your kids. Applying some Vastu principals at home may allow for positive change in better academic or professional success of your child. Lets better understand how we can make these simple changes and get the most out of it. Vastu Shastra is science of direction and by understanding it better, it makes the occupant’s life prosperous. When thinking of having Study or Library, try to have it in a wide or open area of house. Have this room in the East direction. For any reason if you can’t get the East side, then the North is an equally good direction for the Library or Study Room. Make sure to have a Study or Library in the right direction because this room is instrumental for your education and acquisition of knowledge. Once you choose the right direction,the ambiance would be primarily created by the placement of the furniture or the interior designing of the room. The interior of the Study/Library has to be in such a way that the placement creates comfort so that we enjoy being in this room and stay in the Library or Study room for a longer period of time.If you are not comfortable, you don’t want to spend time at that place. With Vastu Shastra, we need to take care of your comfort and convenience of this area so we feel relaxed.The preferred direction to face is East, meaning if you are studying on table and chair, then that table should be on the East wall so you face East when studying. If you are not using a desk and just reading still you face East either on chair or on floor. East direction is important even if you are not using a book but on a computer, iPad or phone. When you face East your absorbing power is more because of the natural flow of energy from the East to West. Also, its equally important when you study as early in the morning is the best time to study. If you study in the early morning, you will remember or understand the concepts quicker and easier. A Library interior should include a regular wooden chair, a wooden table, a lover sitting and also a place to do yoga. With different books of your interest, there has to have some musical instrument of your choice or you can put something else you enjoy as a part of the décor. This resembles synchronicity with your mind and soul. Place an idol of Saraswati Maa, the goddess of education and knowledge in the North-East corner of the room. Book shelves should be on the South or West wall along with an educational sculpture or painting on the East and North wall. Light colors or light yellow colors are advisable in this room. Keep more windows and large doors for better visibility. Some natural plants can be placed in this room which brings harmony between you and nature. Once you balance the five elements of universe, you feel Peace. Education is the most important thing in ones life and following natures norms make our life easier and we progress faster in our life whether it is in academics, career or professional life. Education always helps, that’s why where you get your knowledge or enhance your knowledge is called the “Vidhya Mandir”. There is a saying that we can always divide personal property or wealth of our ancestors among siblings but we can’t divide knowledge because you once you have it, it belongs to you. So remember that knowledge is power and it helps you when you need most. Let’s try and make the Library and Study Room as per Vastu principals and become more powerful in the terms of education. Kalpesh Joshi. Principal Vastu Consultant Vastu Vision Inc. 1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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