Vastu Shastra for a Fine Dine Restaurant

Vastu Shastra for a Fine Dine Restaurant

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Living a luxurious life is considered to be part of a high social and financial status. Owning a restaurant comes with prestige as well as a 200% average profit margin, making it a business of respect. Generally, if you have a limited budget and want to start your own business, a restaurant is a great option. Specifically, authentic and/or specialty restaurants are popular among small business owners. These businesses are high demand, as well as high-risk business due to competition. When you fall in to such a situation, you should take a professional Vastu experts’ advice to ensure your business brings prosperity. In this case, Vastu Shastra is helpful to make right decision. Vastu Shastra mainly consists of the five elements of universe. One of them is fire and when we talk about food, fire plays a very significant role. So, the direction of the kitchen and placement of stove, oven, microwave, tea maker, coffee maker, toaster, grill, hot pan as well as other fire related appliances need to be installed or placed in specific directions. Similarly, the water cooler, fridge, ice maker, freezer, cold drink dispenser and other water related appliances needs to be placed or installed in a specific direction or corner. This is the most important thing one should keep in mind while designing a restaurant. As we know, fire and water are natural enemies and the placement of these elements not in their appropriate directions are an invitation for trouble. Even with picking the right business partner, Vastu can help with compatibility to ensure peak business health. All these kinds of issues have some Vastu Shastra influence. To have a successful business, we need to implement the Vastu principles at every stage. The layout of a restaurant should be made assure safety, easy movement, and ambience. Despite that, Vastu aspects should also be taken into consideration. The main purpose of a restaurant is to give guests meal satisfaction. When we talk about satisfaction, we need to think of natural norms where the human body feels comfortable and satisfied. The Main entrance plays an important role; if you have a restaurant facing South-East, is good because the south east is the fire corner which brings more prosperity for such a business. Most restaurants have a foyer and that adds to the elegant look along with a welcoming approach. In this area, try to place some fire elements such as a sculpture or fire related painting. Fine dine restaurants need to have a great ambience. Especially specialty restaurants, when we then need to make sure it resembles the region of food that is served. Vastu has some specific aspects that add up to more charm in decoration, so general design should have wooden carvings or use natural wood colors which resembles fire. Shape does matter so if you have table which has a 90-degree corner, this is considered to be very good. The Material of the table and chair also has to be specific which goes with the natural flow of energy. Our main motto is to have a restaurant which can be one of a kind where the customer enjoys the food, ambience, and presentation. When you can make all this happen at one place, then you are going to be a successful business owner. That’s why it says Vastu brings Peace, Prosperity and happiness. It’s not only for people who come into your restaurant to dine, but also for employees who work there. All in all, everyone who visits our restaurant or works for us will get good vibes and satisfaction. that’s all that matters at the end of the day. So, try to follow Vastu principles and get a professional consultation from an expert to get the best out of what you have. Kalpesh Joshi. Principal Vastu Consultant Vastu Vision Inc. 1 888 41 VASTU (82788)

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