Ugly Twitter war erupts between Adnan Sami and Jaiveer Shergill

Ugly Twitter war erupts between Adnan Sami and Jaiveer Shergill

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New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) A Twitter war erupted between singer Adnan Sami and Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill over the government's decision to confer Padma Shri on the Pakistan-origin singer. It all started after Shergill shared a video on Twitter, in which he can be seen lashing out at the government, with three questions. The tweet read, "3 Q's to BJP Govt on #PadmaShri for #adnansami: 1. Why Indian Soldier like Mohd Sannaullah is declared foreigner via NRC & Son of Pakistan Air Force Pilot is given Padma Shri? 2. Is contribution "Yogdan" to society or BJP Govt "Gungan" praise new criteria? 3. Is this New India?" Shergill then wrote: "Magic of govt chamchagiri: Congress slams govt over Padma Shri to Adnan Sami." Adnan Sami replied, "Hey kid, did you get ur brain from a 'Clearance Sale' or from a second hand novelty store? Did they teach u in Berkley that a son is to be held accountable or penalised for the acts of his parents? And ur a lawyer? Is that what u learned in law school? Good luck with that!" Responding to Adnan Sami, Shergill wrote, "Uncle, i can reply in ur language but 'Indian' culture teaches us to be respectful even to our enemies -- u jumped border only recently so guess ur still learning. Objection is to Policy of declaring Indian Soldier as foreigner & giving award to family of a Pak soldier. Good Day." The war of words did not end there as Adnan Sami tweeted: "Don't 'Uncle' me NOW & talk nonsense about knowing 'Indian' culture NOW when in your statement you have the audacity of using uncouth words such as 'Chamchagiri' which speaks volumes of your lack of 'culture' & disregard 4 any form of respect 4 elders which is the ESSENCE of INDIAN CULTURE!!" Shergill hit back by saying, "Well Uncle Ji, let me break to you that I don't need lecture on Indian Culture from a person who has distanced or disowned his own father for the sake of earning few claps on Twitter -- this reminds me can you highlight 5 contributions you made towards India in last 5 years?" The Twitter spat continued as Adaan Sami wrote: "Again u speak with ur presumptuous ignorant pedestrian pea-brain! Whr have I dared to distance myself from my mighty father whom I love & respect beyond words?? He is my other self!! Don't u dare presume to talk about my sacred relationship with my late illustrious father bachay!" Responding to Sami, Shergill tweeted, "Listen uncle -- don't u 'dare me' -- if not distancing then say proudly u are a son of Pak Fighter Pilot who said 'Indian planes were falling like birds' -- Until then stop jumping like a kitten on hot tinned roof!! Once again, 5 contributions to India batao Uncle Ji, still waiting!!" However, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh hailed the Padma award to Adnan Sami. Singh tweeted: "Congratulations to all Padma Awardees. I am very happy that Adnan Sami, the famous singer and musician and Pakistani Muslim immigrant has also been given Padma Shri. I had also recommended his case to GOI for giving him Indian Citizenship. He was given Indian Citizenship by Modi Government."

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