Two sides of Lisbon: Day vs Night

Two sides of Lisbon: Day vs Night


New Delhi, Aug 16 (IANSlife) Sunny, multihued and awakening. Lisbon is one of the most attractive cities that are worth visiting for the diversity it holds. The historical monuments, the architecture, and its picturesque views from all over. Lisbon could never disappoint anyone!

Ekta Mohanani Kamra, a travel influencer and founder of "Hop N Bop" tells IANSlife her day and night experience in the city of the seven hills.

Places you must visit to make the most of the day:

Lisbon Cathedral: the oldest and most important church in Portugal. Its architecture was originally Romanesque but now you can see all the different styles, beautifully blended together. It was made in the 12th century and still stands tall!

View Point of Santa Luzia: Santa Luzia offers breathtaking views, embracing the azure ocean, terracotta roofs, and lush hills of Portugal's Algarve.

Pink Street: Pink Street dazzles by day with vibrant buildings in shades of rose and coral. As bustling people explore busy stores and cafes, sunlight dances across cobblestones, weaving a rich tapestry of urban beauty.

Time Out Market: Time Out Market is a vibrant daytime destination, featuring diverse culinary delights from local chefs and artisans. Bustling with flavors, it offers a dynamic food and cultural experience for visitors.

Barrio Alto: sunlit alleys, lively cafes, colorful façades, bustling markets, artistic atmosphere, and charming energy, Barrio Alta is Lisbon's daytime heartbeat and a must visit.

Chiado: Sunlit streets of Chiado bustle with cafes, boutiques, and vibrant energy. If you are an art lover you should definitely visit to check out their charming architecture.

Baixa de Lisboa: Cobblestone streets lined with historic buildings, bustling cafes, grand plazas, shoppers exploring local boutiques, iconic tramcars, and vibrant street life capture Lisbon's true essence. So this should definitely be on your must-visit list!

Avenida Liberdade: Lively Lisbon Boulevard, Avenida Liberdade dazzles with grand architecture, upscale shops, bustling cafes, and vibrant energy under sunlight.

Lisbon is a city of contrasts and it’s one of the things I love about it. When night falls, streets that are quiet and peaceful during the day become lively and busy.

Lisbon nightlife is one the most exciting scenes in Europe, beginning at 2:00 am until 8:00 am. Here is a list of bars and restaurants to make your night memorable:

Go A Bar: Unwind at Go A Bar, another rooftop gem where you can relax with drinks and take in the city's beauty.

Sky Bar: Elevate your experience at Sky Bar, a trendy spot with panoramic views, creating a memorable night out.

Lux Fragil: Dance the night away at Lux Fragil, a renowned nightclub known for its energetic atmosphere and great music.

Barrio Alto: Dive into Lisbon's nightlife at Barrio Alto, known for its bustling streets filled with pubs and a vibrant pub crawl scene.

Cinco Lounge: Savor creative cocktails and a chic ambiance at Cinco Lounge, making it a perfect spot for a relaxed evening.

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