trendy jewelry

trendy jewelry


Everyday routine wear can be anything from formal, casual to chunky wear. This is absolutely a personal style and as a variant one can always be creative. Nothing is a labeled style when it comes to accessories. The beady necklace or beach trinket can also be used for spring wear collection and looks perfect with a flare skirt and an off shoulder top.

Matching jewelry is not really in vogue. Like you could have a brown or rust gown and choose some emeralds or green stones to go along with the same. Watches or swatches are again forming a part of jewelry with so many styles and ethnic encryptions. Indian traditional jewelry comes in full swing with the festivities round the corner. Simple glass bangles, gold chokers or a plain bracelet is much about the spirit of Navratri or Diwali.

This year one has still seen a retro look in terms of employing traditional patterns in gold or silverware. If necklaces are your weakpoint, then choose one which has a unique design or go in for a fusion trend which has the mix of western designs on the Indian bend of gold.

Regal or royal sheen is captured in the kundan or pearl collection. Use grey or black pearls to sing a different tune. Gowns for parties are about slick jewelry. These can be the gold pattern with a leaf or simple pendant. Take hints from the rainbow and go in search of a unique stone studded neckpiece and earring set.

Finally go in for the college girl look with the chunky beady stuff competes with long chains, nose studs, fake tattoos and also the fingerings. Solitaire and silver bracelet for the girls going for a prom night and also simple acrylic finishes and plastic hoops for causal wear.

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