TN govt will be an inclusive one, says new Chief Minister Stalin

TN govt will be an inclusive one, says new Chief Minister Stalin

Tamil Nadu chief minister MK Stalin paying his respect to his father Karunanidhi at his memorial in Chennai.(Photo:parthi bhan/IANS)

Chennai, May 9 (IANS) Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin has said that his government will be an inclusive one and a people's government. In a letter to the party cadres, he called upon them to work alongside the cadres of other political parties for the total development of the state. He called upon the party cadres to forget on the bitter election campaign and asked them to be in unison with workers of other parties for the welfare of the people. Stalin in his letter said, "This government will focus on the development of the state of Tamil Nadu on all fronts to fulfil the aspirations of the people who felt let down in the past ten years. Instead of cursing the darkness it will be better to light a lamp and instead of complaining about the summer let us prepare to welcome the spring." The statement of Stalin also seems to be a message to the leaders of other political parties including the opposition AIADMK and the BJP and he seems to be reaching out to other parties for the development of the state. Stalin in his letter also mentioned to the cadres that he found the Chief minister's post as a responsibility rather than a position and said that he would sit on the chair of thrones bestowed upon him by the people's mandate. In the letter the Chief minister said, "The testing times under which the DMK government has taken over the reins of Tamil Nadu is a challenge and we have to work and overcome that challenge and a growth phase has to be ushered in for the state." He also called upon the people of Tamil Nadu to give wholesome support in the fight against Covid. C. Rajeev, Political analyst and Director, Centre for Policy and Development Studies, a think tank based out of Chennai while speaking to IANS said, "Stalin seems to be reaching out to other political parties and this is indeed a welcome sign. The new Chief minister has a lot of work to do and Tamil Nadu like the rest of the country is facing the Covid pandemic. Inclusiveness is good and hope that he will take this forward in the days to come for the total and wholesome development of Tamil Nadu."

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