The changing face of the skincare industry in India

The changing face of the skincare industry in India

The changing face of the skincare industry in India(photo:IANSlife)

By Marie Kapetanakis New Delhi, Nov 7 (IANSlife) Perhaps no other situation highlighted the significance of self-care more than the pandemic, and skincare forms a significant part of self/personal care. Amidst the pandemic, consumers, finding themselves confined to their homes, have had plenty of time to dedicate to caring for their skin. Theyve been finding new skincare routines and painstakingly looking for products that are best suited to their skin type and concerns because, as we know it, theres no one-size-fits-all in skincare. Today, consumers are significantly more aware of not their skin type and what products work best for them and address their concerns but also what they put on their skin. They assert their right to define beauty according to their own standards and only choose products that go by these standards. With changing consumer preferences and behaviour, there is no doubt that the skincare industry in India has evolved immensely in recent years. With increased consumer awareness, easy access to various products, and a multichannel approach available, today's consumers are certainly not prepared to settle for less, furthering the constant change in the country's skincare market. That said, let's have a look at how the skincare industry is evolving. Organic products are becoming the go-to solution The word Organic has become a criterion of sorts when consumers choose skincare products. Besides, with the informed younger generation becoming interested in practising sustainable practices, organic skincare products void of harsh chemicals that can damage our skin and overall health have become increasingly popular. So, in a nod to India's renowned heritage, the skincare industry is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their ingredients are natural even if they need to be sourced painstakingly. With these ingredients, brands then formulate organic, chemical-free skincare and hair care products to provide natural protection and care to customers' skin. Adoption of 'skinimalism' The COVID-19 pandemic taught us a lesson that less is a lot more. And the lockdown and work from home culture arose the focus on being comfortable in your own skin, paving the doors to a new trend known as 'skinimalism.' That means focusing on the essentials and using only the products that will assist you in achieving your healthy skin goal. So today, the skincare industry is focusing on developing clean-beauty-driven skincare solutions that do not contain a host of ingredients but rather a major composition of one ingredient. The rise of online shopping The pandemic undoubtedly forced consumers to change their purchasing habits. They are now accustomed to this modern convenience, as it offers them a wide range of options, appealing selling factors, and global accessibility, all from the comfort of their home. And the ensuing lockdowns advanced the online aspects of the industry in all areas. So, seizing the opportunity, India's online beauty industry has exploded. E-commerce has become indispensable for today's beauty customers since it facilitates the availability and accessibility of different brands. Growing demand for customized products As touched upon earlier, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to skincare. Therefore, in order to care for your skin, you must first understand what it necessitates. But finding the appropriate product that works for you is a considerable challenge. As a result, personalized skincare products are emphasized, which provide benefits and allow customers to express themselves. Globally, personalized skincare products and services have expanded at a rate of 300 percent per year for the past two years, and experts are predicting a triple-digit rise in the next three years. This alone should be enough to explain why personalized skincare products are revolutionizing the skincare industry. The organic and natural items will almost certainly gain in popularity as consumers' interest in safe products has altered as they've better understood their skin's necessities and preferences. So in order to stay up with the ever-changing needs of customers and to boost the beauty, wellness, and personal care industry, the new-age brands are focused on developing organic, harsh chemical-free, and cruelty-free skincare, haircare, and cosmetic goods, thereby driving the change in the skincare industry further. (Marie Kapetanakis is the Founder and CEO of Kosmea)

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