Stress, smoking cause early graying of hair: Experts

Stress, smoking cause early graying of hair: Experts

With your first grey strand comes ageing, but it could also be a sign of too much stress, say experts.

New Delhi, Dec 11 (IANS) With your first gray strand comes ageing, but it could also be a sign of too much stress, say experts. "Premature graying can be a sign of excessive stress as it is one of the significant causes; under pressure, one constricts the blood vessels hampering the healthy flow of nutrients to the scalp resulting in hair fall and graying. "Stress also reduces oxygen supply to the scalp as breathing, and is also one of the major causes of aging and premature graying, dull, and scanty hair," Rajni Ohri, Founder, Ohria Ayurveda said. Although ageing is natural, and should be accepted with grace, one cannot control the process of ageing and worrying about it will only further stress. Mohit Narang, Skincare expert, AVON says that graying of hair can also happen due to smoking. "People who smoke regularly have higher chances of premature graying, as can a lack of nutrition. A diet deficient in vitamins and minerals can lead to early graying." How to tackle the menace of premature graying of hair? Ayurvedic hair oils are beneficial for slowing graying. If used regularly they delay graying even in old age. Ingredients that assist keeping the hair pigment intact are amla, onion seeds, bhringraj, henna, sesame, curry leaves. Dried amla can be used to fight premature graying. Cut them into pieces and dry them in the sun; once dry, roast it in the pan and then mix with coconut oil. Apply the mixture on your hair overnight. Apart from repairing natural hair color, onion juice also helps treat hair loss and thinning. For best results, mix onion juice with lemon juice. Apply the mixture evenly on the scalp and hair. Leave it on for 15- 25 minutes and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Make this your routine for at least two weeks. Curry leaves darken your hair by restoring the natural melanin pigment so that hair becomes dark again. The leaves also help in preventing and treating as curry leaves are rich in Vitamin B and minerals like iodine, zinc and iron. Consume a nutritional diet rich in Vitamins B12, B9, Iron, Folic acid. Include amla, beetroot, green leafy vegetables and nuts like soaked almonds, anjeer, walnuts, and soaked sesame seeds. Practice yoga for healthy blood flow to the scalp. Practice 'Pranayam' to keep the mind calm and relaxed. Quit smoking, or at least reduce the instances of smoking.

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