'Stranger Things 4' generates a record 1.3 bn hours viewed: Netflix

'Stranger Things 4' generates a record 1.3 bn hours viewed: Netflix

7.2 bn minutes in a week: 'Stranger Things' breaks Nielsen's streaming record.

New Delhi, July 20 (IANS) 'Stranger Things' season four has generated a record 1.3 billion hours viewed to date, making it the biggest season of English TV ever, Netflix has announced. The streaming giant said that its slate in the second quarter (Q2) is "headlined by season four of Stranger Things, which returned to tremendous fan reception and was a smash hit by all measures - including an outstanding drama Emmy nomination (along with Ozark season 4 and Squid Game). "In its first four weeks, Stranger Things season four generated 1.3 billion hours viewed, making it our biggest season of English TV ever," Netflix told its shareholders after reporting its Q2 earnings late on Tuesday. "Season four also re-ignited interest in past episodes with season one through three experiencing a greater than five-fold increase in viewing in the month after the release of season four (vs. the prior month)," said the company. The company also said that it is building on its lead in non-English programming. "We want Netflix to be relevant to audiences all over the globe and our local language titles are a differentiator for us. We focus first on telling authentic stories for local impact, but we see that great stories can travel everywhere," it added. 'The Marked Heart', a Colombian series, which found a global audience and ended up in the top 10 in 81 countries around the world by its second week. "Similarly, The Takedown, a French film, was in the top 10 in 91 countries around the world by its second week, again showing the power of an authentic story and our ability to serve those stories - with subtitling, dubbing, and personalized discovery - for members to enjoy around the world," said Netflix. Netflix's share of US TV viewing reached an all-time high of 7.7 per cent in June (vs. 6.6 per cent in June 2021).

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