Steps to a healthy lifestyle

Steps to a healthy lifestyle


Here are the some steps that you can follow to maintain a healthy physique, improve energy levels and bring a positive change to your personality within four to six weeks.

Step 1: Exercise — Thirty minutes of cycling, running, swimming, weights or any sports and 15 minutes of yoga postures and breathing for at least five days a week.

Step 2: Time — Exercising in the morning will gear up your metabolism and will also help in faster burning of body fat. Exercise the moment you wake up and also do it in the evening, to get rid of all the stress and tension that you've accumulated during the day's work! Exercising is the best way to destress. Even if you are tired or exhausted, just go for a quick walk or do some yoga  asanas.

Step 3: Breakfast — this means “break-the-fast.” Have light, oil-free foods like idli, Chinese dumplings, oat, cornflakes, milk (fat free), soya milk, etc. Also, try eating fruits and veggies. I mean eat your carrots, not drink your carrots!

Step 4: Lunch — enjoy your lunch. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, eat whatever you like. But eat till your stomach is 70 percent full and not full to the throat. Be prudent while consuming fried food and avoid canned food.

Step 5: Dinner — eat light, with more of fiber foods, vegetables, soups and fruits and try avoid meat. Finish your dinner by 8:00 p.m. as the digestive system is very slow at night. Late night eating is the main cause for obesity and it also affects overall health. It causes problems like constipation, sleeplessness, nightmares, indigestion, stiffness and acidity. It also causes toxins to accumulate in your body. You can eat some fruits or drink some hot soya milk or juice for supper.

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