Sonal Panwar’s fashion mantra: Comfort over style

Sonal Panwar’s fashion mantra: Comfort over style


Mumbai, Jan 31 (IANS) Actress Sonal Panwar, who plays the character of Mallika in the sitcom ’Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’, shared her fashion mantra: she prioritises comfort over style.

“I like to dress casually and comfortably, like my character Mallika in ‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’. My type of clothing is high-waisted jeans paired with a crop top. That is because I am a sneaker girl, which best describes me,” said the actress known for her role in ‘Piya Albela’.

Decoding her fashion mantra, Sonal said: “The sole fashion rule I live by is to prioritise comfort over style. In my opinion, dressing helps you appear elegant. I, therefore, refrain from wearing bulky clothing and makeup.”

She further said that one should always take care of their comfort first, because fashion becomes worse if you are not comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

Talking about choosing colours, the ‘Woh Apna Sa’ actress said: “Colours are your mood setter, so wear them according to the place and occasion. I prefer beige and white more, and one should always choose what looks best on their skin.”

Sonal said she doesn’t consider anyone as her fashion icon as she thinks fashion trends change frequently,

“But I like to keep myself updated about the latest fashion trends, for which I frequently browse a few Instagram pages that point me in a better direction,” she added.

‘Happu Ki Ultan Paltan’ airs on &TV.

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