Smart dressing for petite beauties

Smart dressing for petite beauties


Not everyone is blessed with enviable height like that of B’wood’s Deepika and Bipasha. But hey, being short is not so bad either. If you are big on personality and style, no one will even bother about your lack of height. After all, good things come in small packages!

Here are some tips and tricks to highlight your assets by who else but the pretty and petite designer Namrata Joshipura, who manages to stand-out despite her small frame.

Flared trousers are a big no as they add volume to the bottom and make you look broad at the wrong place. Go for slim fits that will give an elongated look to your body.

If capris are your fav pick, make sure you go for one that either ends at the knee or not be mid-calf. Calves are the widest part of the lower legs, flaunting them will only spoil the plan.

If hot pants are not your cup of tea, then pick up shorts that end just above the knee.

Skirts and dresses
The ideal length for a skirt is two inches below the knee. Just like capri, skirts that meet the calves, are best avoided.

Mini’s look great on short girls. Go for ones that are tight around the thighs. Flared, flouncy skirts add to the girth.

Shapely pencil skirts will help you give a taller and slimmer look.

If variety is the word for you then, make sure you have a long straight-fitting skirt and an A-line skirt in your wardrobe, the latter only if you have a heavy bottom.

Go for monochromatic dresses and avoid pieces with stark color contrast between the top and bottom.

V-necks and broad necklines, flatter petite women as they create an illusion of a long and lean neckline.

While bold prints are a big no, horizontal lines are another set of killers. Make vertical lines your friend and patterns that traverse through the length of your garment are suggested.

Stay away from very big belts as they will divide your body in two parts, highlighting your short legs or short torso.

While buying a bag, wear it to see it’s not hiding a lot of you.

Cut n fit
Avoid very loose and loud silhouettes as they have a dwarfing effect. Make sure your clothes are well-tailored and fit properly. Over sized T-shirts or huge tops will not hide anything, but only make look bloated.


A pair of comfortable heels will only add to your persona. Boots can be opted for when you wear trousers to give a continuous sweep of length.
Last but not the least, feel confident for short can also be smart!

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