They're a fashion staple in every woman's closet. Whether you prefer yours long or short, fitted or flowing, nothing spells femininity more than a skirt. The key in making this garment work for you, is finding one that flatters your body type.

If you are blessed with a petite figure, you can pull off most types. A short mini skirt is a good option since you don't want something too long to overpower your figure. Choose one that ends just above the knee. A-line skirts are best for women, who want to show their small waists. As long as you don't have an unshapely paunch, you can go for a fitting one.

Those on the taller side, may want to show off their long, endless legs with something a little shorter. High waist skirts are a great pick for women with a good height as they emphasize the figure and give a more slimming look. You may also want to try out a flare skirt that can conceal big hips, a problem area for most Indian women. When you're tall, instead of choosing solid colored skirts, you can opt for floral or other funky prints.

Women, who are heavier on their bottoms, may want to be more careful when choosing a skirt. Opt for dark shades like black, navy blue or grey and go for minimal designs as you don't want to highlight problem areas. A-line cut is ideal for women of these body types or they can go for a pleated skirt. Anything body hugging is a strict no-no.

The length of the skirt is of importance. Those with thin legs should choose a skirt that ends just at the thickest part of your legs (usually little above the knee). Those with heavy legs may want to go for ankle length skirts that look very stylish.

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