Reliance Brands Limited x Rahul Mishra unveils easy-to wear label AFEW Rahul Mishra

Reliance Brands Limited x Rahul Mishra unveils easy-to wear label AFEW Rahul Mishra


New Delhi, Sep 30 (IANSlife) In a remarkable culmination of a visionary collaboration announced last year, Reliance Brands Limited (RBL) and the renowned Indian designer Rahul Mishra introduce their new global luxury label, AFEW Rahul Mishra. The inaugural easy-to-wear collection was presented at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris among global retailers, fashion press, and celebrities.

"As consumption power steadily shifts from west to east, fashion and design sensibilities are following suit. This exhilarating journey with Rahul transcends borders, leveraging the best of Indian design and craftsmanship for the global consumer. AFEW gives voice to Rahul Mishra’s genius of nature-inspired creativity and his desire to be more present in the lives of his customers. The launch during Paris Fashion Week propels the brand onto a global stage, reaching the most discerning global audience looking for functional everyday pieces elevated by a couturier’s touch," said Darshan Mehta, MD of RBL.

AFEW Rahul Mishra is an acronym representing Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, and was jointly envisioned with Michael Nash, a London-based design powerhouse. The label embodies Rahul Mishra's vision of effortless, easy-to-wear luxury tailored to the modern woman's wardrobe. The label’s logo was established through a yearlong interactive design process with Anthony and Stephanie Nash.

Rooted in the language of the award-winning couturier, the brand harmonizes Rahul Mishra’s Indian heritage with a global perspective, focusing its process on the intention to utilise natural elements. Rahul’s creative inclinations towards nature, landscape, art, and culture are emphasized as AFEW Rahul Mishra articulates fashion that is contemporary yet timeless. The collection’s visuals explore painterly renditions of Himalayan landscapes imagined under a vibrant sky with simplified print motifs. Effortlessly woven together in a single story through youthful silhouettes, the collection transitions seamlessly from brunch to elegant eveningwear.

“With AFEW Rahul Mishra, I am glad to return to creating ‘easy to wear’ fashion after a temporary hiatus from it in my namesake brand in 2020. Our prêt-à-porter line, which was once an anchor for my identity as a designer, led us to the platform of Haute Couture. In AFEW Rahul Mishra, we are thrilled to institute a new global brand from India that is fiercely modern and yet, carries the delicateness of human touch in a way that it is more accessible to the consumer,” said Rahul Mishra.

Curated by renowned stylist Jenke Tailly, this collection features an exquisite lineup of women’s clothing, complemented by a selection of jewellery, bags, and shoes. The jewellery is crafted from sterling silver and recycled brass, while the bags are handcrafted in Manipur with ‘kauna grass’ weaves and embellished with hand-embroidered motifs. The shoes also feature embroidered motifs developed at the AFEW Rahul Mishra atelier.

With the brand's Paris launch, a dedicated sales showroom is exclusively serving global retailers till October 3, 2023. In the coming months, AFEW Rahul Mishra will be available on and at Rahul Mishra flagship stores, followed by exclusive AFEW Rahul Mishra stores in key fashion cities.

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