Putting Kashmiri Pandit employees in harm's way is violation of int'l laws: GKPD

Putting Kashmiri Pandit employees in harm's way is violation of int'l laws: GKPD

Delhi: Members of Global Kashmir Pandit Diaspora(GKPD) hold a protest demanding justice for the victims of exodus of Kashmiri Hindus at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. (Photo: Wasim Sarvar/IANS)

SHEIKH QAYOOM Srinagar, Dec 24 (IANS) The Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD), an initiative to recognise Kashmiri Pandit genocide and ethnic cleansing, has expressed solidarity with families of this community serving in the Kashmir Valley. In a statement, the GKPD has said that Article 21 of the Indian constitution guarantees the right to a dignified life for all its citizens with an obligation on the state to take steps to ensure this for its citizens. Expressing solidarity with the Kashmiri Pandits serving in the valley under the Prime Minister's package, the organisation has reiterated that living continuously in a state of fear of being the next targeted victim of a terrorist has taken a toll on the physical and mental health of Kashmiri Pandit employees and their families. "Having shown good faith to date as Indian nationalists, understandably, they do not want to continue to remain in a place where their life is at stake. However, they do have families to support which is impossible without a salary to sustain them in the interim while the overall situation is managed. "GKPD emphatically states that coercing victims of genocide by putting them in harm's way is a violation of international laws which have enshrined an indisputable responsibility on the State to Protect and is a further trampling of the Kashmiri Pandits right to justice. "GKPD calls upon all stakeholders to work jointly on a win-win solution based on mutual respect and extreme sensitivity towards the vulnerable and grievously wounded Kashmiri Pandit community," the statement said. J&K Lt Governor, Manoj Sinha told reporters recently that the government cannot afford to pay salaries to its employees who sit at home. Sinha's remarks were in response to the demand of relocation by Kashmiri Pandit employees serving in the valley. He said that almost all the Kashmiri Pandit employees have been posted at safer locations at various district headquarters.

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