Police complaint against Prakash Raj for 'objectionable' Chandrayaan tweet

Police complaint against Prakash Raj for 'objectionable' Chandrayaan tweet


Bagalkot, (Karnataka) Aug 22 (IANS) Hindu organisations have filed a police complaint against actor and activist Prakash Raj in Bagalkot district of Karnataka for his objectionable tweet on Chandrayaan-3.

The actor had shared a cartoon post of a man serving tea in his vest and lungi and stated “Breaking news: first picture coming from the Moon by Vikram Lander. Wow, just asking” he mentioned.

The complaint has been filed with Banahatti police station in Bagalkot district.

The Hindu organisations have charged that the post by Prakash Raj was mocking Chandrayaan-3 mission and the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The complainants have demanded immediate action on the actor.  

Following the post going viral, Prakash was slammed by Hindu organisations and supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The people questioned him for mocking the most ambitious space mission of the country and also opined that without reason Prakash is ridiculing PM Modi.

Following the developments, Prakash on Tuesday maintained that, “Attention: dear unacademy trolls and godi media who only know one chaiwala.. proudly presenting.. ever inspiring our own malayali chaiwala since 1960s… if you want to be educated please read.” He had also given a link to an article titled, “Neil Armstrong And the Malayali on the moon”.

Prakash had also stated, “Hate sees only hate.. I was referring to a joke from Armstrong times..celebrating our Kerala chaiwala.. which chaiwala did the trolls see?? ..if you don’t get a joke then the joke is on you. Grow Up.” Prakash is always known for his anti-BJP and anti-Hindutva stands and his fearless expressions against Hindutva groups and prominent Hindu and BJP leaders.

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