Plastic Logic’s Que Touch E-Book Reader Ups The Competition

Plastic Logic’s Que Touch E-Book Reader Ups The Competition


Although we don’t normally hear about Plastic Logic’s venture into e-book readers, I can’t deny that their latest installment—called Que—has some pretty spectacular features to bring the level of competition up with the Kindle and iRex.

The Que has an 8.5 x 11-inch screen that is shatterproof, and has a capacitive touch layer. This was first seen at the D conference in July and even then, some says that it’s better than Sony’s touchscreen e-book reader. The Que also does not require a stylus like the iRex.

This e-book reader also has AT&T’s  WiFi and 3G capability, as well as the ability to sketch and play with documents. It has a sleek black metallic casing that is perfect for a classy and professional look.

No release date has been released yet for the Que e-book reader, and sources say that this will be fully launched in January next year.

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