Old clothes, new style

Old clothes, new style


An approach to clothes you may have never worn, yet want “to do something new with them.”

How many times does it happen that the blouse you tried on at the shop looked smart, but the moment you wear it at home, you begin to notice problems. Either it is too loose or too long, or in exasperation, you just tuck it away out of sight.

Here are some ideas to breathe new life into old clothes, but which are still in very good condition.

You must have noticed that salwar kameez suits start looking worn out after a couple of washes, but the  dupattas or stoles don't look so. Take a cue from this and turn the dupatta into a snazzy shirt or kurti? Nobody will remember the suit, but they will compliment your shirt.

Remember that XL flowery top you liked and bought immediately? Instead of tightening it from the wrong place, just trim it now. At the bottom of the top, sew on an elastic band. Not only will the elastic stop it from billowing away, it will make you look 5kgs less, and very feminine.

Pull out all the long kurtas you haven't looked at for the last one year, chances are you won't even now. Snip them away to make a kurti! For a completely new look remove sleeves or add sleeves made from a net fabric. They are very “in” these days.

Snip away the top part of some kurta and add instead spaghetti straps. Give your wardrobe a whole new meaning.

You can even snip way one shoulder of a dress to give it a toga-look. Just make sure you either are very good yourself at this kind of handiwork or have a wonderful tailor to help you achieve the desired look.

Fancy that black dress, but feel strangulated in the Chinese collars? What are you waiting for, just pick up a scissor and change the neck shape. Make it square, round or the sexiest, boat-neck. Just snip away the collar-area and with some careful sewing, you have an almost new garment.

There are plenty of acrylic paints in the market. Buy a dozen colors and draw random figures on plain t-shirts. An inexpensive way of wearing something exclusive and very stylish.

Sew on ribbons on the edge of a collar or sleeves. They look feminine and different.

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