Nokia N800 Internet Tablet

Nokia N800 Internet Tablet


Remember the Nokia 770 Tablet ? Well, if not heres the successor for it. The Nokia N800 is latest addition from Nokia in the Internet Tablet market. The N800 comes with a VGA camera which can mainly be used as a Webcam. It has a 4.13 inch screen with stereo speakers.

The Nokia N800 comes with  Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth as well. You can't say that the N800 is too much better than the 770 in looks, infact the N800 is much wider than the N770. One thing that the N800 has which the N770 does not is the extra SD card slot. The N770 had a RS-MMC card slot so this is just a minor update.

We still don't know the difference in the processor and RAM specs but if there isn't too much difference in that I don't know why did they bother to bring in the update at all. The downside to both theseinternet tablets is the lack of GSM/CDMA compatibility. Why can't they just add the mobile feature after doing so much hard work!

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