‘MY3’ trailer shows robotic love story of a scientist in love with his own robot

‘MY3’ trailer shows robotic love story of a scientist in love with his own robot


New Delhi, Sep 13 (IANS) The trailer for the Tamil sci-fi-romance series ‘MY3’ has finally come out, and it showcases a very weird romance story between a robotics scientist and his own creation, the robot MY3 with whom he ends up falling in love.

The trailer starts off with actor Shanthnu Bhagyaraj  making a robot for a wealthy businessman, played by Mugen Rao, who funny enough is allergic to human touch. Shanthnu creates the robot MY3 to keep Mugen company, whom he models on his real life ex-girlfriend.

However, the lifelike robot suddenly malfunctions and breaks down, leading Shanthnu to send the ‘original’ version of MY3; aka actress Hansika Motwani.

Throughout the trailer, people are worried about what will happen if Mugen founds out that the robot is not a robot, but a real person, though people feel that chances are slim given that Mugen is both allergic to the touch of humans, and the lifelike appearance of the robot making him weary of touching it.

While the story is revealed in the trailer itself, there is a bit of a weird twist which casts some doubts as to what is going on. Initially it seems that Shanthnu is using his real life ex-girlfriend as a shield, though overtime some kind of romance seems to be rekindling between them, which is standard enough.

What really strikes is the end of the trailer, where Shanthnu says “Having MY3 in my life, has made it all the better and completely changed it”, after which he later proceeds to touch what appears to be Hansika but is in fact, the actual MY3 robot.

Proceeding to touch her, his hand begins to glitch out while he and the robot are looking at each other with complete romantic interest before the clip closes.

‘MY3’ is the official Indian adaptation of the K-drama ‘I Am Not A Robot’, and seems to be more or less exactly like it.

‘MY3’ is directed by M. Rajesh, and will release on Disney+ Hotstar in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Bangla, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam on September 15, 2023.

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