Mamata, Sabarimala: RSS ideologue's book is FAQ on Hindutva

Mamata, Sabarimala: RSS ideologue's book is FAQ on Hindutva

RSS volunteers. (File Photo: IANS)

New Delhi, Jan 2 (IANS) Key Sangh ideologue J. Nandakumar has come up with a 256-page book solely on Hindutva where he hits out at "Left propaganda", "Islamisation" of West Bengal and the "Kannur model" of Kerala. But his book doesn't limit itself to merely hitting out but also gives a way ahead on how to "reclaim" what Nandakumar believes is lost. And no prizes for guessing, he prescribes Hindutva as it's medicine. "The book goes beyond what's wrong with the society. It gives you answers," he said while speaking to IANS. Twenty-five articles have found place in his book 'Hindutva for the Changing Times' which has six sections. The first and major part of the book is devoted to 'Hindutva' which occupies nearly half the book. The book also talks about "invinsible colonisation", the "Kannur Model" as well. The book projects Veer Savarkar in a different light claiming there is a "Leftist propaganda" that tarnished Savarkar's image by populating a damaging narrative. The "Kannur Model", of course as the name suggests, is about the deadly clashes between CPM, SFI, its students wing and the BJP along with the Sangh and the ABVP, RSS' students wing in the northern district of Kerala. When he delves into Bengal, he raises specific issues that rocked Bengal politics in recent times, pointing his finger directly at the Mamata Banerjee administration for its alleged appeasement. But interestingly, it's not Mamata that he has put a thrust on as much as his book talks about the Left movement in Bengal. "The book also talks about two crucial judicial verdicts - Sabarimala and Ayodhya title suit," said Nandakumar. But, he argues, his book is not just a manifesto giving historical context but also about how to position and reposition itself in 2020, as India talks about economy or data security. The RSS has gone through much of a image makeover, particularly after shedding its opposition to gay sex legalisation. Nandakumar's book in that respect hopes to present a version of Hindutva that is relevant for today's fast "changing times".

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