Makeup to last through long summer days

Makeup to last through long summer days

Make your makeup last longer in summers.

New Delhi, April 23 (IANS) In the world of beauty, the sweltering sun is not exactly one's best friend. With oily skin, increased sweat and makeup meltdowns, beauty in summers can be tricky. In a conversation with IANSlife, Nykaa Brands CEO Reena Chabbra spells out her guide to summer-friendly makeup. Prep your skin It is always recommended to rub some ice all over the face before you begin working on the base. Long-lasting makeup and healthy skin go hand in hand. Hence it is advisable to also work on your skin by exfoliating and keeping it oil-free. Based on your skin type, you could opt for clay masks or peel-off masks as they keep the oil secretion in control and also keep skin free of dead cells. A sheet mask is a trendy call-it-a-day product that makes you wake up with well hydrated and supple skin that won't need much nourishing further. You can opt the same to keep your skin hydrated. Use an oil-free moisturizer. Facial oil is also a good option since they are mostly dry oils and do not leave your skin greasy. Create a perfect base Always choose a gel-based primer since it does not create any extra layer and still helps the makeup stay in place. Use an oil-free foundation that is hydrating enough and gives a matte finish. Start the application by building up with thin layers rather than applying everything at one go. For blending, use a sponge blender rather than a stippling brush, as the stippling brush teases the pores that lead to excessive oil secretion. Avoid creamy foundations or anything too dewy in summers as you might end up looking extra shiny due to the humidity. Do not use too much compact/loose powder to set the base as this might lead to a blotchy base after a few hours. It should be just enough to lock the makeup. Use cheek creams/cheek stains instead of pressed powder blushes. Always finish off with a setting spray; it keeps your makeup intact for a longer period. In case you don't have one you can make one at home. Mix Moringa Carrier Oil with a Rose Essential Oil or a Lavender Essential Oil and dilute it in water. Your DIY Setting Spray is ready. It can be stored in the refrigerator and used just before you leave the house to give you a pleasant 'seal-the-deal'. Eye makeup to last longer! Always begin with a gel-based eye primer. Avoid using creamy eye primers as will add on to the creases later. You can dab on some compact over the primer for an extra matte base. Use waterproof eyebrow products. A matte-finish pencil for quick filling and an eyebrow palette for the perfect pro-finish are your go-to products. If you have bushy eyebrows, you can also opt for a gel-based eyebrow mascara. If you are using a kajal pencil or gel eyeliner for your eyeliner needs, make sure to double them up by pressing some matte eyeshadow over them. This will keep the eyeliner from running or smudging and make it last longer. A strong lip game Lip liners are not only used for lining but for also filling the lips to make your lipstick last longer. This can be followed by a lip mousse/lip stain/lip creme. Extremely heavy matte lipsticks can always be topped up with lip balms to avoid creasing. This will also keep the lips nourished.

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