Madhya Pradesh MLA quits; Kamal Nath govt in trouble

Madhya Pradesh MLA quits; Kamal Nath govt in trouble

Hardeep Singh Dang

Bhopal, March 5 (IANS) The resignation of Congress MLA Hardeep Singh Dang in Madhya Pradesh has deepened the political crisis in the state with the possibility of more MLAs following Dang, putting the Kamal Nath government on edge, sources said. The Congress does not have an absolute majority in the state as out of 230 Assembly seats, the party has 114 seats and the BJP has 107. The Kamal Nath government is surviving with the support of four independents, two BSP MLAs and one from the SP. Political analysts say the BJP is eyeing three Congress MLAs, three independents and two BSP and one SP MLA. If they cross over to the BJP or remain neutral then the government's troubles may increase as there is a difference of only seven MLAs between the Congress and BJP. The Rajya Sabha seat of the Congress may also be affected by the neutrality of the MLAs, as a member needs the support of 58 MLAs, in which case one member of Congress and BJP is certain to be elected, but for the other seat both parties have low figures. The Congress has 56 MLAs, while the BJP has 49. The state's politics has been in flux for three days following the Congress' allegations of BJP offering crores to SP, BSP and independent MLAs and holding 10 MLAs 'hostage'. Dang's resignation has added a new twist to the saga. Dang has sent his resignation to the Speaker and Chief Minister Kamal Nath on late Thursday evening and his whereabouts are not known. Two Congress MLAs - Bisahu Lal Singh and Raghuraj Singh Kansana - and independent MLA Surendra Singh Shera are out of Bhopal. All four MLAs are said to be in Bengaluru.

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