Kids Jewelry a Health Hazard

Kids Jewelry a Health Hazard


The ongoing investigations by Federal Agencies should be a huge concern for all parents. The investigation once again shows the immediate need for regulations to be in place for testing of items which are consumed by children. The huge recalls of toys last year should have been a big warning sign that stringent rules are required to safe guard our children health.

Now it is the turn of imported jewelry, especially from China, which has come under scrutiny and already some shipments have been turned back after initial testing showed them to contain high levels of the toxic metal cadmium. Recalls are already in place for a few brands including “Best Friends” charm bracelets. In my opinion these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Claire’s the chain of stores which sold these toxic bracelet could have avoided the entire episode if they had in house testing in place. Why do we need to always react to a health hazard and not pro-actively have mandatory and strict regulations in place for safeguarding the safety of our children.

One way would be for consumer groups to insist on some sort of labeling which tells the metallic content of the piece of jewelry and that the jewelry poses no health risk to children.

Let me know your views on this by commenting below.

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