Joblessness top concern of urban Indians in Oct 2021: Survey

Joblessness top concern of urban Indians in Oct 2021: Survey


New Delhi, Nov 5 (IANS) Joblessness is the top concern of Urban Indians in October 2021 while global citizens are more worried about poverty and social inequality, Ipsos What Worries the World global monthly survey has said. According to the survey, unlike earlier, concern around Covid-19 has receded both for global citizens and Urban Indians. It sat on top as the top worry of global citizens (28 markets including India) for 18 months. Among the Indians, the urban citizens are more concerned about unemployment (42 per cent), coronavirus (35 ), financial & political corruption (30 per cent), poverty and social inequality (26 per cent), crime and violence (24 per cent), education (20 per cent),among others. For global citizens, the top concerns included, poverty and social inequality (33 per cent), unemployment (30 per cent), coronavirus (29 per cent), financial and political corruption (29 per cent), crime and violence (27 per cent), etc. "Our biggest issue is of joblessness and it remains a major area of concern for most Urban Indians. Job creation and job openings need to keep pace with expectations. Right now, there is a disconnect. But there is this happy tiding in the form of worry around the coronavirus receding which could lead to more return to normalcy and for the job market to look up. Graft and social inequality are other concerns for citizens," said Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India. The survey shows that the majority of Urban Indians (68 per cent) believe India is moving in the right direction. India is second in pecking order in optimism, Saudi Arabia remains most optimistic (83 per cent). Global citizens stay circumspect with 64 per cent believing their country is on the wrong track. And the markets most downbeat were Colombia (90 per cent), Peru (83 per cent) and Argentina (82%). "The biggest upside of Urban Indians is their never say die attitude. Despite the worries and hardships, they always believe the tide will turn, and it does. They do not give up mid way," added Adarkar. Ipsos' What Worries the World survey is conducted in 28 countries around the world via the Ipsos Online Panel system. A total of 21,516 online interviews were conducted between September 24 to October 8 among adults aged 18-74 in the US, South Africa, Turkey, Israel and Canada and age 16-74 in all other countries. Data are weighted to match the profile of the population.

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