io jacket
Although all modern gadgets have the goal to combine good-looks with multifunctional technology and effectiveness, this is so much better then the others! Why? Because you can actually wear it! It has all the cool stuff in it like a Bluetooth and built-in MP3 player or touch sensitive control pads. But the ability through which its promoted is its compatibility with GPSoverIP. It uses a hybrid GPS technology which enables you to look for the person wearing the jacket even inside a building. The person who wears the io-Jacket can upload the information to a mobile phone or to the internet giving the watcher (probably a deranged parent) the opportunity of observing his/her every move. Londefrey, the company which produces it has sold one for humanitarian causes carrying out an auction in the purpose of saving money for the “Humans for Humans” foundation. It seems though that none other have been made for commercial purposes so we just have to sit and wait.

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