Indian girls win silver and bronze at World Women 6Red Snooker 2022

Indian girls win silver and bronze at World Women 6Red Snooker 2022

Indian girls win silver and bronze at World Women 6Red Snooker 2022.

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Oct 6 (IANS) Former World Team Snooker champion and multiple time international medal winner Vidya Pillai reached the final of the World Women 6Red Snooker Championship 2022 at the High End Snooker Club here on Thursday. With that she won a silver medal for India before losing to the champion Waratthanun Sukritthanes of Thailand. Additionally, another Indian girl Varshaa Sanjeev added a bronze medal in the kitty of the Indian contingent by reaching the semifinals where she lost to the champion Waratthanun 1-3. Vidya had a great run throughout the championship where she cleared all her matches in the group stage except one, which she lost to Ip Wan In Jaique of Hong Kong in the deciding frame. Despite that loss, Vidya accumulated better average and topped the group B to get 5th seeding for the knockout. At the knockout stage, Vidya advanced to quarter-finals and placed with one of the title contenders Narantuya Bayarsaikhan of Mongolia. Though she had such a tough opponent, Vidya showed the nerve of steel to defeat her 3-2 to confirm the medal for India. In the semis, Vidya routed Ploychompoo Laokiatphong of Thailand winning the first three frames in a row. Later she settled for Silver after losing to Waratthanun 0-4 On the other side, Vidya's sparring partner at home Varshaa Sanjeev also topped her group C to meet Tatiana Istomina in the quarter finals and won 3-0 to confirm another medal for India. The presentation ceremony was attended by IBSF President Mr. Mubrak Al-Khayarin, Vice President Mr. Jim Leacy, Madam Chow Pui Hee, the Group Managing Director of Samaiden Group Brand and the Deputy President of MSBF Dato' Mohd. Anis Hisham World Billiards (150-Up) Championship 2022 Meanwhile all seven Indian players participating in the World Billiards (150-Up) Championship 2022 have qualified from group stage to play knockout round of Last-16 The knockout line up is: Pankaj Advani (India) vs. Thawat Sujaritthurakarn (Thailand) S. Shrikrishna (India) vs. Roslan Yurnalis (Malaysia) Rohan Jambusaria (India) vs. Dhvaj Haria (India) Sourav Kothari (India) vs. Loukic Pathare (India) Dhruv Sitwala (India) vs. Yi Wei Puan (Singapore)

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