Home remedies not recommended to remove acne scars

Home remedies not recommended to remove acne scars

How to remove acne scars.

New Delhi, March 31 (IANS) Stuck at home and suddenly have a breakout or acne scars? It's important to note, it's best not to try to cure with home remedies or products available at your local chemist. Don't pop your pimples in order to prevent scarring; wait it out till you get professional help. Breakouts are common and frustrating, and usually start at puberty. While breakouts can be temporary their marks and scars can be more permanent. Navin Taneja, Founder and CEO The National Skin Centre, says acne scars are generally more depressed pitted and different from acne marks. It takes a while to get rid of the scars and are usually treated by an experienced dermatologist. There are a variety of treatments depending upon the type, severity and depth of the scar. It is important to understand your scar as each type of scar responds to treatment differently and some treatments are better for particular types than others. "Some of the latest methods of treating scars are undermining or subsicion, fractional laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion and chemical peels with a definite down time. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist and plan the treatment accordingly," he says. Another important fact about the treatment is acne scars can never be treated with home remedies or organic skin products available in chemist stores. There are certainly some practical ways one can minimize the chance of developing the scars after the breakout happens. These procedures are best for breakouts and scars. Needle subsicion or undermining for acne scars Undermining works as removing dents from your skin. The procedure works on the technique of inserting the needle from the side of the scar and is swept along the sides of the severe scar bands to lift up the scar. Skin protection from the sun is required post the procedure. Fractional laser resurfacing Fractional lasers resurfacing can correct severe acne scarring. In some cases erbium glass lasers/CO2 fractional laser are used to get the desired results. The work of laser is to burn the upper layer of the skin in order to make the way for the new skin, when new skin starts appearing the acne scars get eliminated automatically. One can take couple of sessions to see the progress. After the treatment one should apply ample amount of sun block and should keep on reapplying them every three hourly. Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion is one treatment for those who are suffering from smaller and not very severe acne scars. The process works superficially by exfoliating the upper layer of the skin which contains the scar. Chemical Peels There are different kinds of chemical peels that are helpful in controlling acne like salicylic acid peel, glycolic acid peels, AHA, TCA and so on.

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