Health benefits of capsicum

Health benefits of capsicum


Capsicum has been cultivated for thousands of years now. Available in a variety of colors like red, yellow and green, it's also known as bell pepper, jalapeno and chilli. Rich in vitamins, it's an effective cure for many diseases. Along with the various medicinal properties, capsicum is also a great ingredient for some yummy recipes. Here are some of its health benefits:

Eyes and skin: Eating capsicum helps in keeping the skin clear, prevents rashes and pimples. It contains vitamin A, which is good for eyes and helps prevent eye diseases.

Cancer prevention: Cap-sicum contains compounds known as capsaicins that prevent carcinogen from binding with DNA and provide some protection from cancer.

Pain relief: Capsaicins also block the transmission of pain from the skin to the spinal cord and prevents the sensation of pain. It's helpful in treating pain-related diseases.

Burns calories: Eating capsicum speeds up the metabolism and helps burn more calories. It reduces weight gained due to a high fat diet. It also leads to the secretion of digestive juices and prevents indigestion. As a cardiovascular stimulant, it regulates blood pressure. and lowers cholesterol and triglyceride in the body.

Hair: Capsicum extract is one of the best hair growth boosting products. It prevents hair fall and helps you maintain thicker and fuller hair. But it's burning in nature, so be careful while using it.

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