Gboard Gmail Keypad Makes Life Easier

Gboard Gmail Keypad Makes Life Easier


I was previously a YahooMail user but because of numerous spams I receive from that website, I decided to go ahead and make a new email account via the Google mail, or Gmail. So, if you’re like me who’s always accessing your Gmail account, this Gboard might have a good use for you.

This is a unique keyboard that will boost your mailing experience as it contains shortcut keys to access your Gmail account. All you have to do is plug this to your USB, flip on the keyboard and start enjoying multi-key functions. It has 19 buttons all in all for the most used functions in Gmail.

Gboard Gmail Keypad Makes Life Easier

Here’s the complete features of the Gboard:

* Keypad with 19 common Gmail shortcuts
* Plug & play, easy to learn
* Three steps:
o Plug in the USB cable.
o Turn on keyboard shortcuts.
o Profit! (After all, saved time = money, right?)
* Dimensions: 4.88 X 3.5 X .38 inches
* WEIGHT: 0.3 lb
* System requirements:
o US Keyboard Layout
o Recent Apple OS
o Recent Windows OS
o Ubuntu (other *nix versions untested)
o Current Browser
o USB port

You can get this Gmail Gboard for about $19.99.

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