Find the right outfit for a party

Find the right outfit for a party


Parties have always given many young women sleepless nights. It's the night you can wear what you wish for without worrying about it being too daring.

As you scour through stores you are on the lookout for something that's very 'you', that everyone else won't be wearing and you can make a big impression without needing to shout.

Here are some ideas you can try on for size:
Sexy little kitten: That's what you'll look like in the little black dress or LBD. A stunner since the 80s till now, the LBD manages to make many heads turn. Available in various styles from a body hugging lycra fit to the classic black slip to a slightly bouncy skirt with a fitted top — the form has always known to favor a woman's body. If you wish to heighten your glory, go for the strapless variety. Let a tight yet comfortable elastic rest on your bosom and hug your body all the way to your knees. Add a stylish belt to accentuate a slim waist and a bright faux fur stole to feel like Marilyn Monroe. As it ends just a little above the knees, bring the attention to your calves by wearing sky-high stilettos. Subtle earrings and slim bracelets make you glow even further!

Style diva: If you want to look and feel desirable and irresistible, cocktail dresses and gowns are your bet. From halter necks to off shoulders to the hottest toga-style, this outfit is sure to enhance your assets to the T. Choose colors that add to your personality like hot pink, psychedelic blue, wine red and emerald green — avoid black as it is one of the most common colors for a dress. You have the option of leaving your hair loose around your shoulders or 'create' an up do and leave a few tassels loose for that demure look.

Tigress on the prow: Bring on the stares with this combination of tights and a knit top. A no-fuss ensemble, it makes you feel confident and tall. Go for dark color tights and similar color knit top to appear slim. Team this off with a either a smart cloak or a poncho, depending on how cold it is! You can alternate the knit top with a long pullover which can be belted in the middle. Bring on some bling by wearing a chunky neckpiece and a sexy shiny belt, avoid the earrings completely. Add to this a stunning pair of suede knee-high boots and you are ready to rock any party!

Denim babe: If you are in a casual mood, bring out a sexy, slim- fitting jean. Depending on the weather, you can either wear a fitting polo or cowl neck pullover preferably in a dark color, or a classic white shirt. Accessories with a sexy red scarf which you can wrap around your slim neck; junk jewelry or chunky silver jewelry will do the trick. Carry a black/ dark brown jacket for the formal touch in suede or leather. Wear either boots or stilettos and a sexy attitude with an otherwise quiet ensemble!

Va-va-voom: How about wearing a long overcoat with a micromini and tank top underneath? Wear it only if you have the attitude for it. Watch men sweat it out as you sizzle on the dance floor. Leave a few buttons undone to show a tantalizing hint of bare skin. This one needs no jewelry — only a sexy perfume and sexier boots!

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