Feel under your heel

Feel under your heel


Only a fool judges a woman's personality by her shoes — because nothing is more inconsistent. Even if celebrated footwear designer Jimmy Choo says that shoes transform a woman's personality, it's actually the other way round. What you wear depends on your mood, which is how women justify having so many pairs. Shoe designer Sabah Sharma and fashion designer Nachiket Barve deduct what mood a woman is in by looking at her feet.

Exotic skin and bejeweled ballerinas or leather loafers are the polished woman's chappals. She wants to be comfortable, but the occasion is not casual enough to warrant chappals. It's the practical woman's choice at work or slightly formal occasions. Those who favor leather or suede loafers have a quiet confidence about them and are believers of minimalism.

If you are in a carefree mood, you'll reach out for your gladiators. It shows the wearer is clued into fashion but is also bohemian, laid back. It also hints that the wearer is a contemporary shopper and wants to experiment rather than stick with a style. Such people often wear loose, flow-ly silhouettes.

Canvas Keds

Canvas shoes are chosen by the youth in us. Funky and colorful, you're likely to reach out for them when you are
feeling irreverent and playful. Canvas slip-ons indicate that you are in a holiday mood!

Dominatrix heels

These are fierce and warrior-like and a woman wearing them is in a dark, dangerous mood in touch with her sexual identity. If worn with a flirty dress, it means she wants to keep you guessing but there is no mistaking her forceful personality.

Chappals, of course, say the wearer values comfort above all else. Colorful, funky chappals are arty chic and creative. Metallic ones with heels show the wearer has reached a neat compromise between comfort and fashion. She's willing to nod in the direction of the dress code, but not at the risk of her comfort.

Mary janes or t-straps

To judge a woman by these, you'll have to take into account her ensemble. If she's wearing prim trousers or a straight skirt with a white shirt or jackets, she sticks to the rules and values qualities such as punctuality, politeness and order. If worn with a sense of irony, with jeans or skirts, it says the person has a sense of humor, likes to experiment and is not concerned about looking sexy.

Androgynous shoes such as wing tips or round toed boots are worn by well-traveled, fashion forward women who are not too attached to their feminine identity. It takes confidence to carry out androgyny.

Women who gravitate towards high heels, pumps, pointy toes and patent leather shoes are more sophisticated and polished in that area of their life. Strappy stilettos exude confidence and an overt sex appeal, a desire to command attention. In a work place, low heels symbolize a professional, no-nonsense attitude while higher heels demand respect and are a symbol of power. Since heels make you stand up straighter and look taller, they are usually worn to make that impression.

Strappy sandals
With low heels and thin straps, it indicated that the woman is touch with her femininity and is in a romantic mood. They are dainty and sweet, and guys, listen in, if your date is wearing these, it is a signal for you to take up your chivalry several notches. You won't regret it.

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